Flowers, gifts, cards and lots of appreciation – these things are traditional on Mother’s Day. But if you really want to show her how special she is, we have a super-special card for you – one that is truly memorable. This one is not going in the bin a few days after Mother’s Day!

Introducing the GIANT Mother’s Day card. It comes in 4 sizes that dwarf ordinary cards. The biggest is 183cm tall or 6 feet! The one pictured below is the second-biggest.

Back to romance again – and here’s one way of expressing love during the pandemic.

We produce these in up to 5 working days, and Mother’s Day is on the 27th of March this year. So get your order in pronto!

Your giant card can have a picture on the outside that you send to us – maybe a good one of Mum or a family scene, it’s up to you. We’ll print it onto semi-rigid PVC (no floppy cardboard here) in super high-resolution with vibrant colour.

Inside can be printed with a design and message, plus a space to write in with a whiteboard marker. The format is just the same as an off-the-shelf card, but these mega cards are personalised and, well, huge.

We’ll design the card and send you a proof by email. If you’re happy with it, full steam ahead – you will have your card within 5 working days. If you would like changes made, our designers will correspond with you until you are completely happy.

We think you’ll love our Mega Mother’s Day cards. More importantly, so will she!


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